Being just green is still being very green in this broad world of Sustainability.

  • At nazareth, in addition to environmentally sound commercial practices, we foster an integrated culture with a social dimension in the marketing of our products.

    Each piece lasts in the quality and comfort it provides. Produced from dead-stock, personally selected raw materials that are sitting in factories as excess production, and thus unused. Gaining a second life. Fostering an environmental, social and economic balance, stimulating a culture where all those involved in the process, from the initial design to the final cabinet, feel happy and framed in a logic of well-being.

  • So that, as a company, we maintain lasting success based on sustainable business practices, valued not only by our customers, but also by all employees and partners. And as a brand, we celebrate modern women, emotionally sustainable women, happy to evolve every day in the natural kindness they have to give to the world.

    Because like sustainability, kindness should always be in fashion.

  • Extraordinary Garbage

    It is natural that one day NAZARETH's pieces will be closer to their end. It will be after a long time of having acquired them, I bet, but that day will come. Either because they are no longer in a better state or because they have some imperfection due to time. And for the circle to be completed and this piece to be reused again and transformed into new fibers, we are happy that it is delivered here (Matosinhos market, space 10) again. We have our own place so that after collecting material (separated by composition), it is delivered to the right partner for this recycling.