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SWEAT Riscas + Laranja | stripes + orange

55.00 38.50

  • Reversible T-shirt | 1 piece, two patterns
  • Double Fabric
  • Round neckline with seam
  • Manga comprida, Punho em Ribe
  • Reuse of fabrics | Less waste, less water, less energy, less carbon, more environmentally friendly.
  • More sustainable, more ecological, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly and more friendly to your portfolio
  • Size: S to L
  • Only for ladies, women or girls.
  • Environmentally friendly Closet.
  • Made in Portugal
SKU: 1105W Availability: Esgotado


SHIRT-T Collection

At nazareth collection we believe that fashion should also be for the environment. That's why we have developed a new piece committed to saving on everything but creativity, style and fashion.
Each piece is made from the use of fabrics, saving a huge set of industrial resources until it reaches your hands. We select and combine the patterns we like best to please you.
And as a result, you have a piece worth two. Twice. From the factory to your closet.

Sizes:  S | M | L

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S – small, M – medium, L – large






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