About Nazareth

nazareth was born in 2013 with the innovative proposal to produce allover digital print fashion pieces. The concept, too, was new, that of dressing a photograph. Each one captured by me and organized into thematic collections. Hence the name, nazareth collection.

Like Us, the brand has also been growing, evolving in its concept and its place in the world. And from polyester he preferred viscose, passing through cotton, lyocell, organic cotton, until today he is very comfortable using only pre-existing raw materials.

A circular business reasoning that, deep down, has always been present in me and in the brand. The Nazareth Collection was inspired by my two grandmothers. Grandmother Aurora was a scenic and artistic wardrobe master at TEP. Grandmother Luz, on the other hand, was the first entrepreneur to have a textile company making pleats and sleeping bags in our country. I inherited, therefore, from both creativity, persistence and innovation. As well, and mainly, the taste for knowing how to make a piece of clothing last and the dream of wearing it as being unique.

It's circular. It's nazareth. That's who we are.
Marcia Nazareth