The fashion industry is a universe full of talent and innovative brands that are constantly trying to stand out and win public recognition. In this trajectory, Nazareth has established itself as a sustainable fashion brand on the international scene, launching two collections a year for clients spread across five continents, with presentations in London, Paris and Berlin recently.
Attentive to this trajectory is the prestigious Attitude Magazine. which denotes in its text the unique style and passionate vision of creator Márcia Nazareth, highlighted by her codes of elegance and sophistication.
Nazareth, a brand with personality:
The publication on the Nazareth in Attitude Magazine highlights how the brand has captivated fashion lovers since its creation. With a mix of family and cultural influences with a contemporary approach, Nazareth has the gift of creating unique and innovative pieces that attract a demanding female audience, women who are emotionally sustainable, well resolved and at peace with the world around them.
To continually renew this relationship, each collection of Nazareth is an ode to individuality and personal style, offering designs that transcend passing trends. The brand is known for its striped patterns, applied to elegant silhouettes, and in high quality fabrics, where attention to every detail prevails. All through a real concern for the sustainability of the production process, which makes it a preferred choice for a demanding public concerned about the future of the planet.
With its presence at Attitude, Nazareth reinforces its closeness to its followers, who prioritize good taste, elegance and the right attitude in everyday life. A spontaneous publication of the magazine that, in the words of the creator, “comes to solidify the brand's position as a reference of style, sophistication and sustainable ecological awareness, in addition to opening doors to exciting opportunities where the worlds of design, interiors, art and Lifestyle."
With a unique look and a passionate approach, Nazareth wants to continue to inspire women to “be kinder and better every day every day”, says Márcia Nazareth, smiling revealing her dream for the brand. “Stripes have always been in me, and I see in them the grace that straightness gives to each person’s life”, concludes the creator.
Márcia Nazareth

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