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Márcia Nazareth

Márcia Nazareth was born in Porto, in a family always related to arts and textiles. After graduating in Graphic Design at Faculdade de Belas Artes and over ten years in the creative direction of his communication studio, he has advanced towards his two greatest passions in life: fashion and photography.


Two Passions Re-united

"I love fashion, but does it love me? This question has followed me for years. I have always felt passionate about contemporary fashion trends, but also that I could make my personal contribution to this art, something that would reflect my ideas. So I had to listen to my inner self, and to what was always seducing me in my creative work as an author. I had the intuition that what seduced me could make other people also happy with life.
With more professional and artistic maturity, and with the right team and technology my dream has come true.
Bringing design, art, culture and sustainability together in fashion pieces. At the beginning of this new journey I joined my photographic vision to a talented team to, some time later, discover that the idea of the brand was possible: to apply exclusive photos in high quality and comfortable sustainable clothing, with a differentiated look, designed patterns at 360º around each fashion item. A simple concept: wear a photo. An innovation that goes hand in hand with new sustainable fashion items. Reversible or using dead-stocks as raw material, together they are increasingly the future of the nazareth collection brand".

Identity as a fashion designer

"How good it is to get an inspiring, durable and good quality product. It's something I've always looked for and been lucky enough to find the way to do it. The pride of taking a picture, of drawing a piece, one by one, of achieving the perfect combination between front and back, between patterns and between the present and the future.

The result is always unique and personal, elegant and comfortable with the soft touch I always imagined for myself as a sustainable fashion consumer. What will I do tomorrow? Will I have another normal day or will I be at a party after work? Which continues until later? Or better yet, will I get up early and go to the beach?

Whatever it is that seduces me to do tomorrow, I am proud that the nazareth collection continues to reveal who I am, my true identity, increasingly linked to the wonderful planet on which we live. Or as Almodóvar wrote: we are more authentic the closer we are to the dream we have for ourselves".

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