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Why Lyocell?

Lyocell is an ecological fibre obtained from wood pulp, a common by-product of other industries. It is therefore the essence of resource economics.
The production of Lyocell has a low environmental impact on its own, in the fiber extrusion process and the reuse of 99.8% of chemical solvents. Lyocell's production has low environmental impact in itself. Since the fiber's extrusion process counts on reuse of 99.8% of the chemical solvents.

Lyocell | The Eco-friendly Fiber In Sustainable Fashion
Lyocell | The Eco-friendly Fiber In Sustainable Fashion

Although the exploitation of raw materials and the production of textile fibres always have a harmful impact on the environment, it is the following processes, such as finishing and post-treatment, that do the most damage to the planet. Textile industries are responsible for 20% of water pollution due to these stages of production.

And this is precisely where Lyocell presents itself as an ecologically intelligent solution by being a unique fiber in many respects:

    have a high affinity with water, making it 50% more absorbent than cotton

    is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Given the nano fibrillary structure of this material which results naturally from its production process, it does not need all the additional finishing and post-treatment that other fibres need to obtain these characteristics.


Sustainable fashion is not an argument - it is an attitude.


We believe that being environmentally conscious doesn't just mean not damaging or avoiding scarce resources - our own well-being is also a way to honor our natural origins.

Lyocell's fibrillary nano structure not only minimizes the environmental impact during production, but also provides the comfort felt when wearing our garments, and allows each customer to reinforce their contribution to sustainability on a daily basis:

  • Long-lasting odorless effect
  • the human sweat itself is odorless. It is the multiplication and activity of bacteria resulting from sweat that produces this characteristic odor. Lyocell is naturally absorbent, breathable and antibacterial, preventing sweat from accumulating, dislodging bacteria and inhibiting their activity. This way, the sensation of freshness and comfort lasts during the day, causing a "lesser number of washes", and consequently, saving water and electricity.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-static material
  • Provides better hygiene, respecting the most sensitive skin and allowing free movement.

Lyocell, an ecological fiber, from the inside out.

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