Nazareth appeared 10 years ago, when I turned forty. The brand was born from the creative heritage that my grandmothers left me. I was lucky to have two creative grandmothers who inspired me: my grandmother Lola, creative and wardrobe master at a theater where she manually created scenic costumes that involved a lot of patience and precision.

My grandmother Luz was one of the first Portuguese entrepreneurs to have a pleating factory in Portugal. She was one of the first to create pleated dresses and skirts and sleeping bags for camping. She reinvented and overcame every obstacle and that left an impression on me.

NAZARETH is my most beautiful tribute to my grandmothers and the creative laboratory that I miss so much. My grandmothers are my biggest inspirations. I am the fruit of this inheritance and love.


Creativity, persistence and knowing how to reinvent inspired me to create NAZARETH.
A brand of pieces that last and last in your wardrobe.
When you wear NAZARETH I want you to feel like you are wearing a piece with design, with history and knowledge.
That piece that you love so much and that you share with a friend, your husband or your daughter.

I want my pieces to be for life and tell the story of who you are.

Our pieces are created with the summer within us in mind. They are for every day of the year. They are for those who like to wear stripes. Combine them with squares or other patterns and shapes. When you wear one of our pieces, remember that you are the one who dictates the clothes you want to wear. Not the season (or others).

I want to believe that our clothes are a form of expression of who we are. Each piece I create is made from the “threads I sew”. They are small fragments of the matter that we are made of.

I want to show that our pieces are also beautiful inside and out. NAZARETH is for gentle women who love to live in a carefree but fun way!


Fashion, like life, is not to be taken too seriously. When you wear a NAZARETH piece, I want you to feel good, safe and fun! 

There are no rules or right ways to use it. NAZARETH is for combining red with pink. Stripes with squares. Today you dress simply. Tomorrow you turn the world upside down and gain a new perspective on yourself. 

When you wear a reversible piece, you are wearing a piece that is worth two pieces. This piece allows you to vary and create different looks. Think twice. Buy only 

DON'T FOLLOW "AT RISK" with the rest of the world.

A striped sweater can be the most banal piece in the world for many. But it is not. Stripes, stripes or Stripes is an ancestral piece that dates back to the medieval era. 

What do Saint Joseph and Obelix, the medieval prostitute and the football referee, the Carmelites and the bathers of the Roaring Years have in common? Everyone wears striped clothing, a characteristic that, since the Middle Ages and for a long time, has been synonymous with transgression or exclusion from the social order on the part of those who wear it.

But fashion is cyclical and inspired by our ancestors.

In the 50s, big names in Hollywood wore the typical pattern used by Sailors on the high seas.

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot were some of the women who continued this ironic pattern to this day. In the 60s and 70s, stripes became a symbol of rebellion in the rock and hipster community. Remember Nirvana and Patti Smith? Inspiring!

In the 80s and 90s, the pattern remained in fashion, albeit in brighter colors.

Today I'm bringing this identity to NAZARETH. It's a classic, timeless piece and a reason to create creative disorder and express who you are. 
The secret? Combine our pieces with stripes. Squares, other bright or minimalist colors. The secret? Don't follow everything "to the letter"!

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