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We bring Dead-Stock to life

We have a preference for relating in the production chain with environmentally conscious suppliers. This is our starting point for finding high quality fabrics there that the international fashion industry's consumer rules do not require. By using this raw material we are not wasting economic and environmental resources while maintaining the quality of our garments. This is why our collections are limited and unrepeatable.

Sustainable Fabrics

Cotton dead-stocks are the materials we select. We prefer to use organic fabrics because being sustainable has a negative environmental impact. Moreover, the raw material being 100% produced in Portugal respects the fair contribution of all employees, favouring the quality of life of the populations.

Reversible Products

Using twice is another way to be sustainable. These are pieces that are worth two. They use less water, less energy and less carbon during the production process, require half of all logistical resources and above all give you more space in your closet and wallet. Think twice. Just buy one.

Get to know our products

Now that you know more about our articles, check out the latest Nazareth Collection pieces. You can access our online store by clicking here.

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