Market Collection

Versatile and informal collection for all women who love their everyday life.

We wear the same pair of pants and jacket for work meetings and trips to the market. The versatile and elegant dress goes well with high heels and flats.

Come highlight your style for the open days that are coming up. Looking forward to seeing Nazareth stripes again as a backdrop to elegant models. As always obtained from the use of selected quality raw materials.

The Market where I photographed is the setting for my day-to-day work. In Matosinhos.

Where every day I dress in an uncomplicated and elegant way.

Market. Nazareth's freshest collection.



The new Market Collection highlights the personal style of each of us. Always in a different way, and based on our unique vision of the joyful life we like to live. It wears our elegance as women, always versatile in every day-to-day situation, getting closer to the best version of ourselves. Fresh, varied and unique.

Always stripes, of course.

Stripes are now more risky. They favor a more practical and relaxed way of being, both in classic pieces from the brand and in new ones that you won't want to miss.

Dresses, skirts, pants and coats, sweats and tank tops. You choose…

Sustainable Design  

All pieces in the new Market Collection are limited edition, designed based on the selected raw material. By using resources together, we are contributing to the world we want to live in, which is more ecological, healthier and has a better future for future generations.


Love and good taste followed to the letter, in an informal explosion of style.

Reversible dresses, mix of colors and patterns, belted coats with trousers full of personality. Two-in-one dresses. reversible, practical and, as always, made of high quality knitwear. The first Nazareth skirt in a single thick black and white stripe. Lyocell tank tops. The freshest and most varied collection, like the market where we make the best purchases.


I was lucky enough to have two creative grandmothers who inspired me: my grandmother Lola, a creative and closet master at a theater where she created stage costumes by hand, which involved a lot of patience and precision.

DON'T FOLLOW "AT RISK" with the rest of the world.

Today I'm bringing this identity to NAZARETH. It's a classic, timeless piece and a reason to create creative disorder and express who you are. 

The secret? Combine our pieces with stripes. Squares, other bright or minimalist colors. The secret? Don't follow everything "to the letter"!



Best dress suit 🍋
When it comes to skincare, clothing should not be overlooked. By making mindful choices about the fabrics, fit, and cleanliness of your clothes, you can promote healthier and happier skin. Remember, clothing is not just a fashion statement; it's also an investment in your skin's well-being. So, next time you go shopping, keep your skin in mind and choose clothes that not only make you look good but also make your skin feel good!🌱♻️
Always very well received at @anossatarde.rtp by the dear @taniaribas 🤍Thank you @rtppt and @veraferreira77 🙏🏻
More and more loving this color 💜
The same dress! Two sides
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Pink and blue reversible dress!
Márcia Nazareth

Márcia Nazareth

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Márcia Nazareth
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Ana Lobo

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Ana Lobo

Dear Marcia, I just got back from my trip and opened the package -. Thank you so much for "The no waste brand" bag. I love it ). The detail of the elastic on the hat makes a difference ). Congratulations on the new collection! I haven't had time to look at it in detail yet, but it's beautiful ¡"! Cheers and see you soon

Isabel pinto Soares

Dear Marcinha 🥰 receiving a package from you is always a unique experience: from the packaging to the contents... the delicacy and affection they convey! The always sweet message and the smell!!!! The piece is beautiful! I love the fabric, the lightness and the cut 🤩 this piece is Clarinha and 'clearly' me (the V-neck ❤️). A big kiss and thanks again!

Nazareth is a brand that is Marcia's beautiful face. It uses surplus fabrics from the clothing industry and produces wonderful pieces for women who take care of themselves and love themselves. Her clothes hug every body and fit in the most comfortable way. Shipping is fast, packaging is careful and customer service is second to none!

In love with my dresses... ❤️ Everything is 5 stars, the cut, the fabrics, the colors... the detail that they come in boxes and everything... sometimes people don't know that we have good designers and good materials in Portugal... everything is going well with the next collection... ❤️