Clara Collection

Designed and desired by my daughter Clara.
Endless joy and a natural practical spirit inspired this new collection, which extends Nazareth's creative and production DNA: striped patterns as a backdrop to elegant models, obtained by using selected quality raw materials.


Clara Collection brings out the personal style of each one of us. Always in a different way, and from our unique vision of the joyful life we like to live. It dresses our elegance as women, always versatile in the permanent search for the best version of ourselves.

Wear joy. Wear joy.

Always stripes, of course.

The stripes are now more risky, in Clara's style. They favor a more practical and loose way of being, both in the brand's classic pieces and in the new ones you won't want to miss.

Sustainable Design  

All the pieces in the new Clara Collection are limited edition, designed according to the raw materials selected. By making use of resources, together we are contributing to the world we want to live in - a greener, healthier world with a brighter future for generations to come.


Love and good taste followed to the letter, in an informal explosion of style.

Shirts with a sporty look, a mix of colors and patterns, waterproof jackets, quilted pieces to keep us warm from the cold or jeans with personality are the new features for our new return to what we do.

Follow your trend. Choose your joy of dressing below.


I was lucky enough to have two creative grandmothers who inspired me: my grandmother Lola, a creative and closet master at a theater where she created stage costumes by hand, which involved a lot of patience and precision.

DON'T FOLLOW "AT RISK" with the rest of the world.

Today I'm bringing this identity to NAZARETH. It's a classic, timeless piece and a reason to create creative disorder and express who you are. 

The secret? Combine our pieces with stripes. Squares, other bright or minimalist colors. The secret? Don't follow everything "to the letter"!



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Márcia Nazareth

Márcia Nazareth

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I will be back soon

Márcia Nazareth
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Ana Lobo

Dear Marcia, I just got back from my trip and opened the package -. Thank you so much for "The no waste brand" bag. I love it ). The detail of the elastic on the hat makes a difference ). Congratulations on the new collection! I haven't had time to look at it in detail yet, but it's beautiful ¡"! Cheers and see you soon

Isabel pinto Soares

Dear Marcinha 🥰 receiving a package from you is always a unique experience: from the packaging to the contents... the delicacy and affection they convey! The always sweet message and the smell!!!! The piece is beautiful! I love the fabric, the lightness and the cut 🤩 this piece is Clarinha and 'clearly' me (the V-neck ❤️). A big kiss and thanks again!

Nazareth is a brand that is Marcia's beautiful face. It uses surplus fabrics from the clothing industry and produces wonderful pieces for women who take care of themselves and love themselves. Her clothes hug every body and fit in the most comfortable way. Shipping is fast, packaging is careful and customer service is second to none!

In love with my dresses... ❤️ Everything is 5 stars, the cut, the fabrics, the colors... the detail that they come in boxes and everything... sometimes people don't know that we have good designers and good materials in Portugal... everything is going well with the next collection... ❤️